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Adjuncts stall U. of Memphis attempt to privatize their Social Security

How a small group of temporary employees got the U. of Memphis to walk back a plan to kick them off Social Security.

NLRB ruling shifts legal ground on faculty unions at private colleges


NLRB ruling could clear way for more collective bargaining -- of adjuncts and other faculty members -- at private colleges and universities.

Public universities don't have to comply with California minimum wage laws, but some are and some aren't

As voters and politicians in California's expensive Bay Area push higher minimum wages, at least two public universities aren't paying it.

California tells insurance providers that they can't cut abortion

California tells insurers that they can't alter the plans they provide to Catholic colleges that wanted to drop coverage.

Supreme Court orders government not to require Wheaton College to fill out form on health insurance coverage

Supreme Court says Wheaton of Illinois need not fill out form that was part of Obama administration's compromise on health coverage at faith-based institutions.

Evaluations should nudge growth, not beat up or coddle (essay)


Too often, employee evaluations coddle or reflect grudges; done well, they should activate potential and reduce deficits, writes Maria Shine Stewart.

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College settles pregnancy discrimination complaint

A college in Missouri updates its absence policies to add pregnancy-related absences as excused in response to a student's federal complaint. 

Grad students rethink union strategies following NYU-UAW deal

Graduate students who were hoping for an NLRB decision in favor of NYU students wanting to unionize are recharting their legal course -- with mixed enthusiasm -- in light of NYU's surprise deal with the UAW.


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