Career Advice

A Writing Partner

Peg Boyle Single pays tribute to the four-legged friend who helped her complete so many projects.

Maxed Out

To get ahead, you need to know how you spend time, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

To Write, Draw

Rob Weir shares techniques for teaching writing to students who don't know how to convey ideas.

That First, Crummy Job

When changing careers, remember that your dream position may not come for a few years, writes Sabine Hikel.

Time for a 360

The frenzied middle of the semester is a time when feedback is essential, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

How We Diversified

Two administrators at Connecticut College describe how they and their faculty colleagues changed the way professors are recruited and hired

The Teaching Trap

Just because you care about your students doesn't mean their needs should take over your life, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

Perfectionism - I

Peg Boyle Single explains how some of the qualities that got you into graduate school can make it extra hard to finish up.

Why I Attend Small Conferences

For meaningful interaction with colleagues, avoid the national mega-meetings, writes Kevin Brown.

Listen to Your Body

To advance your career, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore, you need your mental and physical health.


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