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Time Out to Write

It’s crucial to save time for writing and tune out distractions, write Carmen Werder and Karen Hoelscher.

Pay Yourself First

To get ahead, you need to make your agenda the top priority, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

Art of the Conference Paper

Alessandro Angelini explains how grad students can impress when they present at academic meetings.

Finding Our Best Readers

Carmen Werder and Karen Hoelscher offer advice on identifying optimal publications and audiences for your writing.
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An Unexpected Path

Joanne Nystrom Janssen wanted a job teaching at a liberal arts college, and describes the search process that landed her such a position -- at a new institution in Bangladesh.

Tips for Proposal Writers

A scientist, fresh from work on a review panel, offers advice.

When Things Fall Apart

Rob Weir discusses what to do when life intervenes in a major way in plans for your semester.

A Dual Exit

Why do both members of an academic couple leave higher ed? They tell Eliza Woolf.

Getting In on the Ground Floor

Even in the tight job market, new academic units are hiring. Would their positions be a good fit for you? Daniel Kennedy shares questions to consider.

The International Option

Don't assume that you need years of off-the-beaten-track travel experience to teach in a developing country, writes Joanne Nystrom Janssen.


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