Career Advice

A Bleak Market


Looking for a tenure-track faculty job? You can't escape today's economic realities, writes Eliza Woolf.

Are You Afraid to Succeed?

Sometimes you need to look beneath the surface to find out why your work is blocked, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

Friend or Administrator?


When a friend confides that her husband is sleeping with one of his students, what is your responsibility? C.K. Gunsalus sorts through the conflicting obligations.

Rethinking Your Résumé

When academics apply for jobs in the business world, they need to focus on one question, and they usually get it wrong, writes Jerry Jellison.

Monitoring Independent Study


When a professor supervises student work at an outside business, how does a department provide oversight? C.K. Gunsalus helps with the issues and the politics.

There Is No Guru

Kerry Ann Rockquemore wants you to reconsider the quest for the perfect mentor.

Too Golden a Parachute


When a faculty member makes outrageous demands, and an institution wants to encourage more retirements, what's an administrator to do? C.K. Gunsalus weighs the options.

The Interview -- Enter Stage Right

Teresa Mangum offers suggestions on the mechanics of this most important of conversations.

The Interview -- Readiness Is All

To be authentic and to cover the points you want, rehearsal is a must, writes Teresa Mangum.

Caught in the Middle


A department chair feels squeezed between senior administrators who want reform and senior professors who don't. C.K. Gunsalus considers the options.


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