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Making Interdisciplinarity Possible

To make joint faculty appointments work, colleges should use memorandums of understanding to clearly define expectations, write Elizabeth H. Simmons and Michael P. Nelson.

To Moonlight or Not

Nate Kreuter reviews the issues associated with holding a job while enrolled full-time in graduate school.

Factory Worker to President


In debut of new column, an interview about career paths, work-family balance and leadership.

Cropping Out Incivility


Childhood taunts may recede into the background of our adult lives, but what should we do on campus when rudeness reigns front and center? Maria Shine Stewart reflects.

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Great Tools

Pell Grants matter (a lot). But so does what we do with our students in the classroom, writes Wick Sloane, who describes resources he uses to inspire his.

Starting From Scratch


Sometimes just revising a course isn't enough, writes Rob Weir.


Out of Your Comfort Zone


Exploring uncharted areas can be mind-stretching and even painful -- but isn't that how we grow? asks Maria Shine Stewart.

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Invincible Mentors


In the debut of her column, A Kinder Campus, Maria Shine Stewart remembers two very different campus presences who shaped her career -- and how she channels them in her dealings with others.

The Spiritual Adjunct

With her spiritual life an adjunct to her adjunct life, Maria Shine Stewart offers her top ten (whimsical) tips of survival as a part-time professor.

Timely Business

Finding extra hours in the day to consult or start a business may seem impossible, but Jessica Quillin offers tips for doing so -- including starting slowly and saying No.


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