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10 Tips for Junior Faculty

Daniel S. Hamermesh urges those starting on the tenure track at research universities to have a tight focus on their publishing and their time.

'Seduction of the Leader'

In a previous article, we discussed a pernicious dynamic that many campus presidents are victims of as they endeavor to lead their institutions. We identified it as "the seduction of the leader," a term that was first introduced to us by our colleague Rodney Napier. In short, it describes how presidents often do not receive pertinent information and honest feedback about their ideas because followers are reluctant to provide it to them.

Picking a Postdoc Post

Douglas Natelson suggests approaches in the physical sciences.

Doctor, Professor or 'Hey, You'?


One common source of anxiety for graduate students arises from not knowing how to address the faculty within their graduate program. What is polite and respectful? But not obsequious or sycophantic? It’s a tough call, particularly if you are new to your graduate program. How individual faculty members prefer to be addressed depends upon two variables: institutional culture and the faculty member’s personal preference.

Advice for Grad Students

Stephen C. Stearns offers advice on taking charge of a doctoral program.

Respect Departmental Staff

You need them more than they need you, writes Nate Kreuter.

Tales From 3 Searches

An anonymous faculty member describes the realities of the process at community colleges -- and critiques search committees.

Using Your First Summer

For new presidents, there are many opportunities in a few months, writes Richard Kneedler.

Getting a Job in Philosophy

Brian L. Keeley offers advice for graduate students in his field and other humanities disciplines.

Keith Richards, Role Model

Jim Hunt writes about his unlikely inspiration as a provost.


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