Dean of students

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Mon, 08/29/2011

Choosing the Core

Smart Title: 
New plan for general education at Harvard would put many of the selections in students' hands.

Rating Doctoral Programs

Smart Title: 
After makeover, National Research Council survey kicks off with focus on measures based on data, not reputations.

Law School Deanship Rescinded; Politics Blamed

Smart Title: 
Erwin Chemerinsky, leading constitutional scholar tapped to head California-Irvine's new school, is told he's too "controversial" (liberal).

Salaries Up 4% for Senior Administrators

Smart Title: 
For many job titles, raises were greater at private than at public institutions, but data was collected before economic crisis hit in full force.

Making Student Engagement Official

Smart Title: 
Robert Morris University has created a new dean position -- one exclusively in charge of promoting student engagement.


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