Business schools

A Case Study in Case Studies

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Brigham Young's Idaho campus plans to use Harvard Business School's famous curricular method to reform its own curriculum.

Paying by the Program

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Public institutions nationwide are increasingly varying undergraduate tuition rates by major.

Bard Brings Finance Into the Fold

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Its new dual-degree program targets students who want a traditional liberal arts education mixed with a background in business (no marketing, please).

Business (School) Casual

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Illinois State University's College of Business is set to require students in certain majors to dress up for class -- or leave.

Mapping the Indian Business Student Boom

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Demand for business education among Indian students is still growing, but U.S. share and historical advantage appear to be slipping.

Courting the Younger Business School Student

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Harvard and its competitors are busting the myth that the model M.B.A. applicant has worked five years after college.

Docking a Grade for Skirting the Rules?

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Responding to student pressure, the College of Business at Illinois State keeps its business-casual requirement but lessens consequences for violations.

A New Business Plan

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The University of Minnesota's management school has changes in store for undergraduates next fall: mandatory travel abroad, and a new nonprofit track.

A Sharp Critique of MBA Education

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Author of From Higher Aims to Hired Hands discusses what is wrong with business schools today.

Voting With Their Mice

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Two business school students turn a class project into an Internet startup that lets students poll their own campuses.


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