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Mapping the Indian Business Student Boom

Demand for business education among Indian students is still growing, but U.S. share and historical advantage appear to be slipping.

Courting the Younger Business School Student

Harvard and its competitors are busting the myth that the model M.B.A. applicant has worked five years after college.

Docking a Grade for Skirting the Rules?

Responding to student pressure, the College of Business at Illinois State keeps its business-casual requirement but lessens consequences for violations.

A New Business Plan

The University of Minnesota's management school has changes in store for undergraduates next fall: mandatory travel abroad, and a new nonprofit track.

A Sharp Critique of MBA Education

Author of From Higher Aims to Hired Hands discusses what is wrong with business schools today.

Voting With Their Mice

Two business school students turn a class project into an Internet startup that lets students poll their own campuses.

Attacking the GMAT Monopoly

Exam that for decades has been required for MBA programs is getting some competition at Stanford and MIT -- raising questions about standardized testing and admissions.

Anti-Muslim Bias Case Gets Hearing

In lawsuit against La Salle University, judge finds that a one-time dean admitted to making remarks related to ousted chair's status as Iranian.

New Conflict of Interest Allegations

Some top business school admissions officials get free trips to Japan -- and in some cases more -- to help a company there get applicants into MBA programs.

Admissions Official and Consultant -- at the Same Time

Associate admissions director at Wharton ran consulting business on the side to help students get into college.


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