New book details realities of being a conservative professor of the humanities and social sciences


New book-length study details realties of being a conservative professor in the overwhelmingly progressive humanities and social sciences. While many see bias and periodic slights, many are also succeeding.

AAUP critiques Education Department crackdown on sexual assault and harassment

AAUP attempts to reframe debate and put focus on due process and the importance of faculty freedom of speech.

Governors State U relies on full-time professors to teach all freshmen


Governors State U, with many at-risk students, and without much money, opts to fill freshman program course sections with full-time faculty members only.

Paper argues that adjuncts' push for better pay and working conditions is prohibitively expensive and would cost jobs


New paper argues that colleges can't afford to improve the pay and working conditions of those off the tenure track. Activists slam the analysis.

U of Wisconsin Board of Regents approves new tenure policies, despite faculty concerns

U of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approves new tenure policies, rejecting a series of proposals that professors said would have protected some of their rights.

Undergraduate curricular reform efforts at Harvard and Duke suggest there's no one way to do it well

Amid concerns that requirements may not mean much to students or professors, Harvard and Duke Universities both look to curricular changes to improve undergraduate education.

Study suggests graduate student instructors influence undergraduates to major in the discipline, and graduate students also benefit from teaching


Study suggests grad students may outperform faculty members in the classroom and may also benefit from time away from their dissertations.

Iconic ethnic studies college at San Francisco State says it can't pay its bills


Overspending or chronically underfunded? Students and faculty at San Francisco State's College of Ethnic Studies say it already struggles to pay basic bills, but the university wants it to rein in spending.

Does academic freedom protect falsehoods?

Academic freedom is supposed to protect unpopular views. A case involving an Oberlin professor who claimed that ISIS is really the CIA and Mossad asks whether that freedom extends to falsehoods.

U of Houston Faculty Senate suggests changes to teaching under campus carry

Is teaching under campus carry still teaching? New guidelines from the Faculty Senate at U of Houston ask the question, with suggestions such as dropping controversial course content for safety concerns.


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