Federal judge rejects academic freedom challenge to campus carry law

Ruling denies injunction professors sought to block new Texas law.

Study finds gains in faculty diversity, but not on the tenure track

Colleges hire more minority and female professors, but most jobs filled are adjunct, not tenure track, study finds.

Charles Sykes takes higher education to task once again with a new book

Author of the 1988 book Profscam, conservative talk radio host Charles Sykes, discusses his new book that again takes on higher education. 

Vassar faculty members want to reduce their teaching load but some question a plan that would also reduce course offerings

Vassar professors want to reduce their teaching loads, but some question a new plan to do so at the expense of course offerings.

Encouraging female faculty to publish research


Texas Tech and Indiana U at Bloomington have developed programs that encourage female faculty members to find more time to publish their research.

Biennial Scholars at Risk gathering focuses on threats to scholars and academic values globally


The biennial Scholars at Risk gathering focuses on threats to scholars and academic values globally.

University of Washington plan to alleviate salary compression is under fire


At many colleges, new assistant professors earn close to or even more than long timers. U of Washington is trying to do something about it -- and finding out how hard it is. Among other ideas: countering expensive retention raises with new salary steps subject to approval by one's peers.

Conference at U Chicago poses hard questions about how liberal education can be revived

Scholars consider how to revive the liberal arts and consider the importance of math and science, impact of hyperspecialization, economic inequality, public attitudes, admissions strategies and more.

Pomona moves to make diversity commitment a tenure requirement

Pomona changes criteria for evaluating teaching to include whether professors are "attentive to diversity in the student body."

Professor says she was fired over well-intentioned but ill-received class discussion on race

Professor accused of using a slur -- not against an individual -- during a well-intentioned but ill-received classroom discussion about race fails to earn reappointment to tenure track.


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