Does academic freedom protect falsehoods?

Academic freedom is supposed to protect unpopular views. A case involving an Oberlin professor who claimed that ISIS is really the CIA and Mossad asks whether that freedom extends to falsehoods.

U of Houston Faculty Senate suggests changes to teaching under campus carry

Is teaching under campus carry still teaching? New guidelines from the Faculty Senate at U of Houston ask the question, with suggestions such as dropping controversial course content for safety concerns.

Purdue increasing graduate student stipends as it cuts graduate enrollment

Purdue is cutting grad enrollments to boost pay of those it enrolls -- and is pushing professors to teach more intro courses. Will the approach provide focus? Or is it another attack on English that could leave undergrads without enough instructors?

Community college links increased student success to shorter terms but faculty members say there's more to the story

A college is seeing higher student success levels based on a series of reforms, but should any institution evaluate faculty members in part on the proportion of C grades and above they award?

Mount Saint Mary College in New York debates faculty rights and mission

Mount Saint Mary College in New York isn't affiliated with Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland, but professors at the former say it's headed down the same path as the latter, with dissenting faculty members dismissed and trustees showing up at search committee meetings.

New study suggests that faculty development has a demonstrable impact on student learning

Studies of faculty development efforts at a liberal arts college and a land-grant university suggest the programs can have an impact on student outcomes.

New book discusses self-stratification among black academics


New book discusses self-stratification among black academics.

Hashtag unites adjuncts and tenure-line professors over work-life balance and other issues

Adjuncts and tenure-line faculty members unite on Twitter under #realacademicbios to pull back the curtain on their emotional lives. 

Study suggests faculty members are disproportionately likely to be gay


A new analysis suggests that's the case, and that academic work -- at once solitary and social in nature -- makes it particularly attractive to those who are not straight.

Does the new crop of first adjunct union contracts include meaningful gains?


Northeastern is latest university where first contract with adjunct union has included substantial salary increases and other key benefits -- such as payments for classes that colleges cancel.


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