Campus unrest follows tenure denial of innovative, popular faculty member of color


At Dartmouth, an Asian-American professor receives unanimous English department backing and is rejected at higher levels. The same happened to a black historian at the college. Many see a disturbing pattern.

Syracuse University promenade plan exposes tension between chancellor and faculty


Professors at Syracuse University fight a plan that they say reflects the wrong priorities at a time of staff buyouts.

Minnesota Faculty Senate ponders policy making free speech 'paramount'

Minnesota Faculty Senate mulls statement making free speech a “paramount” value, but critics wonder whether the pledge as written condones hate speech. A separate proposed policy would create an on-campus free speech advocate.

Study finds those with graduate education are far more liberal than peers

Study finds those with graduate education not only lean more to the left than do other Americans, but have done so increasingly in the last two decades.

Should sole faculty representative on a board share views that represent those of most faculty members?

Illinois governor's pick for state higher education board questions the way academic freedom is defined, the need to defend faculty rights and scientific consensus on evolution.

Book argues faculty members should actively resist 'culture of speed' in modern academe

New book argues that professors should actively resist the "culture of speed" in academe.

Reports circulate that American of Beirut has blocked a permanent appointment

Reports are circulating that administrators at American University of Beirut have blocked his appointment to a permanent position there. UPDATE: University says search featured "significant procedural violations."

Annual AAUP salary survey says professor pay is up 3.4%

Professor pay was up 3.4 percent this year, according to AAUP's annual faculty salary survey.

Professor's lawsuit alleges harassment, retaliation by former Wesleyan U dean

Wesleyan U professor's lawsuit alleges sexual harassment by a dean and a campaign of retaliation for reporting him.

New study says narcissistic students thrive under narcissistic professors, perpetuating toxic behavior


New study suggests that narcissistic business students thrive under narcissistic professors, while less narcissistic students suffer, to the detriment of all.


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