Incident at Mount Holyoke renews debate on talking about race in classrooms

A professor at Mount Holyoke asked his students to name slurs that might have been used against groups of which they are members. The college helped seven students switch sections, but now one student has gone public with the incident.

Why do some faculty members sign loyalty oaths without issue?

In light of a recent high-profile faculty resignation at Phoenix College, some are asking why other professors asked to sign loyalty oaths don't object.

Researchers, faculty members explore texting as email alternative


Colleges are searching for new ways to communicate with students electronically. Could texting be the answer?

State College of Florida eliminates continuous contracts, puts all faculty members on one-year contracts


State College of Florida eliminates rolling contracts in favor of one-year contracts for all full-time faculty members, even long-serving ones.

Questions and criticism surround survey on tenure at U of Wisconsin


U of Wisconsin professors want to know why they weren't informed of who was behind survey that showed up this week -- and that has now been taken offline.

When it comes to dating other faculty members or supervisors, proceed with caution

Resignation and litigation at Stanford point to complications when an administrator has a relationship with a faculty member in his or her unit, but few colleges have formal policies about such situations.

Essays from academics fed up with higher ed mark resurgence of 'quit lit'


Recent Dear John letters from academics leaving higher education signal a resurgence in 'quit lit.'

Faculty members think massive donation will help retain top professors at U of Wisconsin Madison


Madison faculty members say a massive new donation to establish endowed chairs could help keep top professors in the state, despite Wisconsin lawmakers' ongoing funding cuts and attacks on tenure.

New books focus on reforming graduate education, managing the graduate school experience

New books set out agendas for both professors and students on how to change the experience and career paths.

Northwestern U loses second faculty member over alleged censorship of medical school journal

Northwestern loses second faculty member over alleged censorship of a medical school journal article about a sexual encounter.


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