AAUP calls for faculty participation in financial exigency declarations

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With more institutions citing budget woes as they eliminate academic programs, AAUP offers new recommendations for faculty involvement in such decisions and just what constitutes financial exigency.

Campus and academic communities left to wonder why after a professor's suicide

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Death of department chair at Texas A&M -- a prominent figure in rhetoric nationally -- leaves scholars with more questions than answers.

New book challenges the idea that professors don't care about teaching

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Research from University of Washington shows professors to be self-critical about and constantly struggling to improve their teaching.

Adjunct leaders consider strategies to force change

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Adjunct faculty make up most of the higher education work force, but their working conditions largely don't reflect their role. Is reform on a wide scale possible? What will it take?

Report reveals divergent trends in modern language job market

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Data released ahead of MLA convention set tone for hiring in the humanities this season.

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast raises question of what a university is entitled to track about faculty members

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Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast U. raises question of what a university is entitled to track about every professor.

Survey finds new Ph.D.s less likely to have job commitments

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Across disciplines, the proportion of those completing doctorates with commitments for employment or a postdoc falls.

Seminary threatens to discipline professor for offending prospective students, donors

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Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor he was offending would-be contributors and should look for work elsewhere.

Scholars debate etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences

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Scholars debate the etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences.

Eastern Michigan professor denied tenure because of sexual harassment issues

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Eastern Michigan University suspended a professor for inappropriate conduct, and eventually denied him tenure as well. But why did it let him teach for several years after the suspension?


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