Premier Indian engineering institute wants to open US office

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One of India's prestigious universities plans to open an American office to try to get back home some of the talent it has lost to universities in the U.S.

NLRB action suggests possibility of reopening 'Yeshiva' case on faculty unions

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NLRB request suggests push to reconsider the landmark decision that effectively killed unionization of private college faculty members.

Faculty groups consider how to respond to MOOCs

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The three national faculty unions are studying the movement taking off in online education -- and they aren't thrilled with what they see.

Rethinking the humanities Ph.D.

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Stanford professors have plan to halve degree time and link student programs to varying career goals. Efforts at Harvard, Minnesota and Colorado reflect growing interest in real reform of doctoral education.


Shorter University faculty leaving over new 'lifestyle' statements

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Facing a new "lifestyle statement" at Shorter University, many faculty and staff have chosen to resign instead. One has spoken out publicly.

Report: Barriers to the rise of artificially intelligent tutors at traditional universities

Online Education
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Report identifies potential barriers to the widespread adoption of "machine guided" learning software at colleges and universities.

Is the AAUP about to change course?

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The American Association of University Professors’ newly elected slate of officers promises to make collective bargaining a priority. Where does that leave the other roles of the AAUP? 

The Bidens’ tax returns stir adjunct discussion

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The Bidens' tax return had non-tenure track instructors wondering how one of their own could be earning $82,000 a year, but it turns out Jill Biden has become an associate professor.

AAUP investigation castigates Louisiana universities for professor dismissals

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An American Association of University Professors investigation faults two Louisiana universities for using the discontinuance of programs to arbitrarily lay off tenured professors.

AAUP releases faculty salary data

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Faculty salaries lag inflation, new report from AAUP finds. Gains are larger at private than at public institutions.


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