Report: Barriers to the rise of artificially intelligent tutors at traditional universities

Online Education
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Report identifies potential barriers to the widespread adoption of "machine guided" learning software at colleges and universities.

Is the AAUP about to change course?

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The American Association of University Professors’ newly elected slate of officers promises to make collective bargaining a priority. Where does that leave the other roles of the AAUP? 

The Bidens’ tax returns stir adjunct discussion

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The Bidens' tax return had non-tenure track instructors wondering how one of their own could be earning $82,000 a year, but it turns out Jill Biden has become an associate professor.

AAUP investigation castigates Louisiana universities for professor dismissals

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An American Association of University Professors investigation faults two Louisiana universities for using the discontinuance of programs to arbitrarily lay off tenured professors.

AAUP releases faculty salary data

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Faculty salaries lag inflation, new report from AAUP finds. Gains are larger at private than at public institutions.

Union leaders and administrators gather for conference

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Collective bargaining is on the rise for faculty members. As union leaders and campus administrators gather at conference, they agree that state cuts have been devastating, but on little else.

Newspaper op-ed sets off debate over faculty workload and faculty bashing

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A Washington Post op-ed says professors don't work hard enough -- and leaves many academics furious, and wondering why they are seen as such easy targets.

Philosophers come together to ask for a 'Times' obit

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Philosophers were upset when The New York Times did not publish an obituary of Ruth Barcan Marcus, a preeminent philosopher. Her colleagues organized -- and won the honor for her.


Former ASU professors threaten litigation over online course ownership

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Two former Arizona State University professors say that the university violated copyright laws by using their online course material without permission.

What does a post-tenure review really mean?

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Post-tenure reviews in the University of Texas System now have more teeth. There and at other colleges, defining the process can be challenging.


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