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Mon, 03/24/2014 to Tue, 03/25/2014

AAUP says professor was inappropriately denied tenure

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AAUP finds that professor was denied tenure for his role in a conflict between linguistics and TESL faculty, which helped prompt a faculty vote of no confidence in Northeastern Illinois U.'s president and provost.

Professor suspended after taking vow of silence, even in class

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Naropa professor, suspended for not speaking at all, even in class, says he's being punished for speaking out previously about diversity issues.

Essay on how professors should respond to increased job duties

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Nate Kreuter considers how professors should respond to the "do more with less" mantra they hear time and again.

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Researcher reflects on studies of faculty issues

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Cathy Trower, closing out 16 years leading a research effort of academic work, shares thoughts on tenure, retirement age, adjunct conditions and more.


Blog post comparing academe to a drug gang provokes much discussion

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How best to understand the thinking of new Ph.D.s who enter a challenging job market? A professor's blog post sets off discussion with an unexpected comparison.

Should Faculty Senate votes be public?

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U. of Kansas Faculty Senate's recent decision to uphold secret ballots raises questions of whether professors should know how their representatives vote.

Union conference marks growth of adjunct organizing strategy

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Union seeking collective bargaining for those off the tenure track wants to attract student support by focusing on debt.

Social media outlet sheds light on substandard teaching facilities

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Fed up with unanswered maintenance requests and substandard instructional facilities, some professors are taking a new approach: "shaming" their institutions into action.

Paper argues more support for adjuncts won't cost much

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A new paper from the Delphi Project argues that some key ways colleges can support adjunct faculty don't cost anything, despite administrators' assertions that they can't afford to improve working conditions.


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