Quinnipiac faculty 'reeling' from rapid cuts

Quinnipiac professors are still 'reeling' from a rapid-fire round of faculty layoffs and wondering why some faculty jobs are being eliminated even as new ones are being created.


Arizona State professor accused of plagiarism for second time

A professor accused and cleared of intentional plagiarism has been accused again, this time for his new book. His defenders say the real issue is that the allegations are being made anonymously.

Contract renewal for adjunct with criminal past raises academic freedom concerns at Illinois

Should a history that includes membership in the Symbionese Liberation Army and jail time disqualify one from keeping an adjunct job? Even if the instructor was open about it and received rave teaching reviews?

Colleges try new approaches to post-tenure review

One college is trying to make it collegial; others are trying to target low performers. Is there a way to make the process meaningful, fair and attractive to faculty?


Oberlin backs down on 'trigger warnings' for professors who teach sensitive material


Facing widespread faculty opposition, Oberlin drops policy requiring warnings about material that may be upsetting to students. Do students need such cautions?

Research shows professors work long hours and spend much of day in meetings

New research finds professors spend considerable time in meetings and on administrative tasks, and much of their time alone.

Community College of Philadelphia trustees hire president despite faculty concerns

Should serving as the provost of a school that closed amid state investigations disqualify one to lead a community college?


Work place 'flexibility stigma' affects non-parents, too, study suggests


What do academic departments risk when they're not perceived as being "flexible" enough to accommodate work-family balance? A lot -- and not only parents feel the pinch, a new study suggests.

Shared governance review at George Washington sheds light on faculty bullies, board chair says

Board chair at George Washington U. says shared governance policy review shed light on faculty "bullying" of those off the tenure track. But not everyone agrees with his analysis or solutions.

Faculty members at struggling colleges say they were blindsided by cuts

At two private colleges, Carroll and Felician, professors are angry to find out that jobs can be eliminated without faculty involvement or even awareness of the possibility.


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