Faculty targeted for cuts at National Louis University

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A restructuring plan at National Louis University will shut entire departments and eliminate faculty and staff jobs.

Debate over whether faculties should take stands on political issues

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Should college faculties ever vote to take collective stands on political issues? A debate at William Mitchell raises the question.

UCLA wants to revamp general education requirement

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UCLA faculty rejected the idea in a 2004 vote. Will they approve a plan around "community and conflict"?

Faculty members donate money to teaching academy

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Nearly 30 percent of the operating budget of the Teaching Academy at New Mexico State University comes from money donated by faculty members.

Arizona official targets Mexican-American Studies department

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Arizona official who helped bar Mexican-American studies from a school district now turns to the University of Arizona.

2012 Teaching Professor Conference

Fri, 06/01/2012 to Sun, 06/03/2012


1000 H Street Northwest
20001 Washington , District Of Columbia
United States

UCLA professor counseled after linking course page to political petition

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UCLA finds that a professor inappropriately included on a course website a link to a site promoting a boycott of Israel.


Crowdsourcing contingent salary data

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Two new efforts are under way to gather salary data on on adjuncts and grad students. Will crowdsourcing have influence when traditional data are missing?

Federal appeals court decision might change faculty-student relationship

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U.S. appeals court says U. of Oregon may have retaliated against former doctoral student who alleged sex bias in her graduate program; ruling could reshape balance of power between professors and grad students.

University of Oregon faculty takes step toward unionizing

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Organizers say that they have enough support for collective bargaining at another research university.


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