AAUP recommends against confidentiality agreements in shared governance

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In first statement on confidentiality and academic governance, AAUP recommends against blanket bans on faculty members sharing information.

Adjuncts from across the Washington region plan to unionize to fight 'market problem'

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Seeing strength in numbers, adjunct faculty from across the Washington, D.C. region hope to form a metropolitan union to fight for equity in pay, benefits and more.

Middlebury professors solve a quorum problem

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Math professor objected to the counting at Middlebury faculty meetings -- and the only way the college could keep them moving was to cut the number required for votes.

CASE announces 2012 Professors of the Year

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2012 winners come from Dalton State, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Paradise Valley Community College and University of South Florida.

Faculty discuss ways to improve senate effectiveness at AAUP conference

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Faculty representatives at AAUP conference suggest improved communication and proactive approaches as ways to increase the standing of professors' governance bodies.

House of Representatives holds hearing on unionization on campus

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A Congressional committee argues over whether graduate students at private universities should be allowed to unionize.

New book looks at college students motivated by creativity, not grades

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A university administrator's new book looks at students who were motivated by creativity, not grades, to think deeply and impact others.

Report: deep learning requires more attention from policy makers and institutions

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Report concludes that deep, integrated learning, which starts in K-12 and continues through higher education, requires more attention from policy makers and institutions.

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