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Study finds inconclusive results about efficacy of adaptive learning

Major study of adaptive learning finds inconclusive results about its ability to improve outcomes and lower costs, but use at two-year colleges and in remedial courses shows potential.

New university initiatives focus on bringing open educational resources to the masses

New initiatives at university systems show the maturation of efforts to increase the use of open educational resources.

Publishers report digital sales overtaking print sales

Major publishers report sales of digital course materials surpass sales of print textbooks for the first time. Are the numbers right -- and does it matter?

Liberal arts colleges explore interdisciplinary pathways with computer science

Liberal arts colleges are increasingly exploring interdisciplinary connections to find a place for computer science on their campuses.

A university decides to eliminate 8 a.m. classes

A university in Michigan has great news for the bleary-eyed but hopes at least some of them will still get up early.

U of California faculty members object to new email monitoring


U of California professors object to new system -- installed secretly -- to monitor emails and use of computer networks. University cites security needs and pledges to protect privacy.

CUNY launches plan to bring community college graduation rates to 50%

CUNY plans to expand program that has led to unprecedented increases in graduation at Bronx Community College. Goal is for 50 percent completion rate at institution that serves largely minority, low-income population.

Study finds that students earn better grades from teaching assistants of same race/ethnicity


Study finds that students earn better grades from teaching assistants of same race or ethnicity.

U of Central Florida increases class sizes with live-streamed lectures


U of Central Florida is using lecture-capture technology to enroll more students than can fit in its classrooms. But is a live stream a sufficient replacement for a face-to-face lecture?

Exploring JumpCourse, an alternative online education provider

Inside Higher Ed explores JumpCourse, an online education platform, after a former professor finds that a course lacks rigor and sophisticated sense of its subject matter -- even as the American Council on Education vouches for its quality.


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