Academic administration

To accept MOOCs for credit, Florida International U. may set up prior learning assessment safeguards

Florida International University prepares a prior learning assessment pilot in anticipation of granting credit for massive open online courses.

Survey suggests politicians overstate public's desire for vocational view of higher ed

Seeking to gauge how to rebuild public support for higher ed, survey project finds that Americans have less vocational view of college than their leaders do.

Academic rigor lacking but not dead, study says

The state of academic rigor and student engagement in the classroom isn't in a total state of decay, but there is plenty to be desired, study suggests.

Study finds that high schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely to complete college


High schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely than others to complete college, study finds.

Duke U. professor plans massive collaborative effort to tackle the challenges facing higher education


Duke's Cathy Davidson plans a massive collaborative effort to tackle the challenges facing higher education.

Despite new studies, flipping the classroom still enjoys widespread support

Despite a seemingly critical new study, the debate about flipping the classroom still tends to favor those in support.

Online course providers increasingly using the term 'learning experience'


Freed from the confines of classrooms, lectures and semesters, online education providers are increasingly using the term "learning experience."


ACT scores fall to lowest level in five years

Average ACT scores are the lowest they've been in five years. English and reading scores dropped the most from last year.

Derek Bok discusses his new book on higher education

Derek Bok's new book asserts that much of the recent criticism of higher education is inaccurate or oversimplified, but that plenty of serious problems do exist.

Iowa state legislators mandate course-level 'continuous improvement' reporting, to mixed reactions

Faculty members at Iowa's 3 public universities must demonstrate learning outcomes and report on how students achieve them. Proponents see "continuous improvement," while critics see paperwork.


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