Academic administration

Parkland College professor wants to serve as trustee too

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Officials at Parkland College in Illinois await a judge’s decision on whether a newly elected college board member can keep her job as a faculty member.

Report envisions future of the college presidency

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Citing a shrinking talent pool and a retirement boom, a panel of campus leaders convened by the Aspen Institute lays out what the changing job requires and who might fill it.

Florida lawmakers look to cut remediation and cap bachelor's degrees

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Florida’s Legislature looks to shake up the state’s two-year college system once again by cutting funds for developmental education, capping bachelor's degree programs and creating a new oversight board.

Indiana University's active-learning initiative expands, exceeds expectations

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The university brings its active-learning initiative to regional campuses, seeking to boost student engagement.

Foundation to fund college partnerships on community college transfer

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Unusual foundation grant will pay for community colleges and four-year institutions to improve their transfer pathways, with goal of 30 percent bump in four-year degrees earned by community college graduates.

Northwestern and Berkeley's journalism schools drop accreditor, echoing broader criticism about the value of accreditation

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Northwestern’s journalism school drops its accreditor, shortly after Berkeley did the same, echoing broader questions about the value of the process and whether it impedes innovation.

Study finds paraphrased language fools plagiarism-detection software

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Paraphrasing tools, freely available online, can fool plagiarism detection software, study finds.

Tallahassee professor fired after program loses potential accreditation

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Community college faces students upset that they can't be licensed after a professor -- fired this week -- reportedly didn't have time to deal with accreditor, despite having time to teach online at two for-profit institutions.

Purdue acquires Kaplan University to create a new public, online university under Purdue brand

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Indiana institution acquires Kaplan University and its 32,000 students in an unprecedented move to enter online education as many large for-profits continue to slump.

Vocational education surges but continues to struggle with image and gender imbalance

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Demand surges for graduates of career and technical programs at two-year colleges, yet vocational education continues to struggle with an image problem and a deep gender imbalance.


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