Institutional administration

MIT's quick president search is a lesson in how to shorten selection timeline

MIT's three-month presidential search suggests that with all the change going on in higher education, universities don't have the time or appetite for drawn-out selection processes.

University of California faces questions about its governance structure

The University of California system is facing questions about whether its centralized governing structure is still optimal, but some wonder whether more independence would be good for all campuses or just a few.

Public universities will take on more debt as states decrease spending on capital projects

With state lawmakers unwilling to fund capital projects at colleges and universities, public institutions increasingly turn to debt to finance construction and maintenance.

Late snowstorm strains schedules and budgets, but college leaders say planning can relieve the pressure

March's four snowstorms have real costs for colleges in the Northeast. But colleges around the country plan to pay in case of extreme weather.

Study finds female college graduates newly on the job market are punished for having good grades


Employers favor new college graduates with moderate academic success but not high achievement, study finds. New male graduates' grades don't seem to have much impact.

Colleges changing their policies after visits from controversial speakers

Public colleges and universities that were forced to host white supremacists (who lacked any ties to the institution) are now looking at ways to restrict certain events, but to avoid doing so based on content.

Report on email rant from British university's press officer


Leaked email provides insights into the thinking of a now former university spokesman about how critics of administrators could create "a blithering jelly of fear" at University College London.

Author discusses his new book on evangelical higher education

Author discusses his new book on evangelical higher education.

Editors discuss new collection on civil rights issues raised by accountability push

Editors discuss new collection of essays about the impact of various state and federal policies on minority students -- an impact the authors see as far too often ignored.


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