Big Vote on the U.S. Budget

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Senate to consider $7 billion increase for education and health programs after rejecting bid to add $6.3 billion for Pell and voc ed.

Rare Budget Win for Colleges

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Senate backs $7 billion increase in funds available for education and health spending -- mainly to undo previous cuts.

Tight Budget in the House

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Spending blueprint would stick closely to Bush plan, but amendment to add funds for NIH and education is planned.

Bringing Home the Bacon

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Watchdog group releases its annual report detailing “pork barrel projects.”

New Orleans Colleges Ask Congress for Help

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Politicians offer ideas, but campus administrators focus on the tough realities they face.

Marginal Forward Progress

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House actions favor colleges on some appropriations matters, but gains are small and are far from final.

Indian Training Centers at Risk

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Slashing of popular federal program expected to affect Native American progress in the health professions.

Some Help for Gulf Colleges

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Emergency spending bill would create $50 million grant fund, but not proposed $200 million loan fund, for Katrina-damaged institutions.

Yes, the Sky Is Falling

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Political and financial support for American higher education is waning compared to global competitors, researcher argues.

Competitiveness Initiative Advances

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House panel backs full spending on Bush effort to double federal support for basic research in physical sciences.


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