A Pleasant Budget Surprise

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Democratic plan for 2007 would increase maximum Pell Grant by $260 and provide $620 million in new funds for biomedical research.

Upping the Ante on Pell Grants

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White House proposes increasing maximum award to $4,600 in 2008 -- but may seek to finance rise with cuts to other student programs.

The Bush Budget, 2008

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Administration's spending blueprint would increase Pell Grants -- by cutting lender profits and other aid programs.

A Focus on the Physical Sciences

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President continues to push for increased spending for NSF and Energy Dept. research, shortchanging NIH, science advocates complain.

On the Offensive

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Stung by criticism, Education Department officials strongly defend Pell Grant plan and challenge data colleges have used to attack it.

Scrutinizing a Sallie Mae Stock Deal

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Lender's chairman sold 400,000 shares days before U.S. budget plan sent the price plummeting. Lawmakers ask what happened.

Lawmakers Query Bush Budget for Science Education

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House hearing on president's 2008 plan renews concerns about shift of funds from National Science Foundation to Education Department.

Pork Spending Drops Drastically

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Watchdog group says this year's dip in Congressional earmarks, a controversial funding source for research initiatives, was a fluke.

Budget Outlook for the NEH

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With Democratic leadership in place, House lawmakers suggest agency that funds humanities grants could see a boost in '08.

Fighting Over (Too Few) Funds

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Tribal colleges, facing cut in federal aid, oppose Congressional effort to give grants to "Native American serving" institutions.


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