Scrutinizing a Sallie Mae Stock Deal

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Lender's chairman sold 400,000 shares days before U.S. budget plan sent the price plummeting. Lawmakers ask what happened.

Lawmakers Query Bush Budget for Science Education

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House hearing on president's 2008 plan renews concerns about shift of funds from National Science Foundation to Education Department.

Pork Spending Drops Drastically

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Watchdog group says this year's dip in Congressional earmarks, a controversial funding source for research initiatives, was a fluke.

Budget Outlook for the NEH

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With Democratic leadership in place, House lawmakers suggest agency that funds humanities grants could see a boost in '08.

Fighting Over (Too Few) Funds

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Tribal colleges, facing cut in federal aid, oppose Congressional effort to give grants to "Native American serving" institutions.

More Money All Around

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House panel's spending measure would raise Pell Grant to $4,700, fend off White House cuts and boost NIH.

'Tight' Bill, Modest Gains

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Less than two weeks after the House Appropriations subcommittee for education programs delivered a major potential boost to the maximum Pell Grant and the National Institutes of Health, the mirroring Senate panel delivered significantly less in its own 2008 spending bill Tuesday.

New Tactic on Stem Cell Studies

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Approving spending bill for NIH and education programs, Senate panel aims to expand the research through a date change.

Bush Threatens Veto of Student Aid Bill

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As House Democrats unveil new version of budget measure, White House opposes interest rate cut, new spending and loan auction idea.

Setting Up a Showdown on Spending

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House committee approves education appropriations bill, with increased funding for Pell and other programs left intact.


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