Pinching Pennies on Research

The Bush budget plan would provide small increases for the NIH and NSF, while cutting spending on other programs.

Movement in the Senate

A flurry of activity suggests Congress may make progress on extending the Higher Education Act after all.

Assessing College 'Access and Accountability'

The numbers are bleak and -- for anyone who cares about the vibrancy of the American economy or the importance of an educated citizenry -- deeply worrisome: the United States has fallen to 17th in the world in high school graduation rates and 7th in college-going rates, and is the only industrialized country whose rates are falling.

And perhaps most troubling of all, the rates are lowest among those segments of the American populace that are growing the fastest.

Disappointing Budget Blueprint

Compromise adopted by Congress contains little of what colleges want.

Bush vs. Bankers

There is no such thing as an offhanded comment from a White House spokesman.

So when Trent Duffy, in explaining Friday that President Bush would seek to bolster the Pell Grant program in part by reducing the subsidies paid to lenders in the student-loan program, called the subsidies "excessive" and described the loan industry as "very profitable," the political winds surrounding the student-loan programs continued to shift.

Headed for the High Court

Supreme Court will decide long-running dispute over campus access for military recruiters.

Saving the Historical Record

Scholars and archivists are making progress in sustaining a small but crucial program the Bush administration seeks to eliminate.

Detente, Sort of, on Student Loans

Lawmakers at House hearing agree that industry and government programs should compete, but clash on most everything else.

Congress Acts on Budgets for Humanities and Science Programs

House committee backs increases for NSF and NASA; Senate panel sets level funds for NEH and NEA.

For Colleges, a Better Than Expected Budget

Money is tight in House spending plan for education programs and NIH, but panel reverses most cuts proposed by Bush administration.


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