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Tuition Tax Break Extended

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109th Congress's final bill renews tax deduction for college expenses through 2007.

Big Legal Victory for Teaching Hospitals

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Federal appeals panel vacates lower court's ruling that medical residents (and their institutions) must pay Social Security taxes.

'Open the Blinds'

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The leaders of the Senate Finance Committee have urged the U.S. treasury secretary to change the federal tax form that many tax-exempt entities file each year, with the goal of ramping up scrutiny of the complex financial operations of private nonprofit colleges and hospitals. The letter from Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) offers some new insights -- worrisome to college tax experts -- into the senators' interest in the possibility of penalizing institutions that are perceived as spending too small a proportion of their endowment assets.

IRS Draws Lines for Political Advocacy

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As campaign gears up, agency guides colleges and other nonprofits on avoiding inappropriate interaction with candidates and voters.

Universities Get Relief on Bond Rules

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New IRS guidelines ease limits on federally sponsored research that institutions can conduct in facilities built with tax-exempt bonds.

The Working Poor and College Access

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New report chronicles the barriers experienced by an oft-ignored group and offers some solutions.

IRS Issues Rules for Defined Contribution Plans

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Federal regulations for 403(b) retirement programs will increase requirements on colleges and other employers that offer them.

Senate Scrutiny for Endowments

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Committee's hearing touches on how much of universities' holdings get spent each year, how they invest in hedge funds and other tax-related issues.

A Broad Review of College Tax Compliance

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As IRS releases new tax form for nonprofits, agency plans survey of how institutions compensate presidents, spend from endowments, and pay (or don't pay) unrelated business tax.

Senators Scrutinize Well-Endowed Colleges

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Lawmakers ask 136 institutions with endowments of at least $500 million for information about how they set tuition, award financial aid, and spend from their funds.


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