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Senators Scrutinize Well-Endowed Colleges

Lawmakers ask 136 institutions with endowments of at least $500 million for information about how they set tuition, award financial aid, and spend from their funds.

Scrutiny From Many Sides

Discussion of nonprofit tax issues suggests that IRS, Congress and others plan busy season of review of colleges' spending and governance practices.

Watching Endowments, Not Legislating Over Them

Lawmakers keep up their drive to get colleges to spend more of their funds, while higher education leaders continue to push back against any new law.

Sorting Out the Stimulus

As Senate and President Obama offer details on their packages, Republicans question whether spending on education and aid to states will stimulate economy.

Athletics, Antitrust and Amateurism

Scholars argue NCAA and its members can reduce and contain skyrocketing program costs through Congressional oversight of their continuing tax-exempt status.

All Eyes on Pittsburgh

Mayor pushes 1 percent tax on tuition, stirring up anger at the city's colleges and worries elsewhere that other localities might try similar approaches.

IRS Gives In on Medical Residents

U.S. agency concedes that before 2005, when it issued new rules, doctors in training were students for whom payroll taxes were not required.

More Scrutiny for Colleges' Business Practices

The list of higher education business and tax practices that have fallen into U.S. Sen.

Coming Attractions of IRS Scrutiny

WASHINGTON -- As college officials await the results of a broad Internal Revenue Service review of institutions' governance and financial practices, two higher education groups have offered their own preview of what the federal agency may find -- and offer a generally upbeat picture. But just how accurate a forecast it offers is open to debate.

High Court to Hear Tax Case

WASHINGTON -- A nearly 20-year-old legal dispute over whether medical residents are students or workers, for payroll tax purposes, is headed for resolution in the U.S. Supreme Court.


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