Intellectual property

Patent Windfall for U. of California

Monsanto agrees to pay $100 million up front and at least $5 million a year in royalties to end dispute over cow growth hormone.

Stem Cells Meet Google

U. of Michigan president says critics of book search program and opponents of stem cell research impede the social good.

In 2 States, Clashes Over Laboratory Data

As one animal rights group seeks university research records in Mississippi, an Ohio court turns away a similar challenge.

House Panel Tackles Piracy

Higher education and entertainment industry leaders outline what colleges can do to prevent illegal file sharing. 

Traffic School for Essay Thieves

Pima Community College tries a new approach to help students tune up on ethics and academics.

Blackboard Patents Challenged

Open source group asks U.S. to revoke rights asserted by software giant. Sides trade charges on why compromise talks collapsed.

Ethics and Patents

Yale says it is giving up some potential profits to help developing nations get HIV drugs -- and university ends up getting criticized.

Poking Holes in the State Immunity Shield

Federal appeals panel decision may make it harder for public colleges to protect themselves from patent and other lawsuits.

Blackboard Makes a Pledge

Under fire in patent dispute, software giant says it won't sue open source providers. Has the company gone far enough to satisfy its critics?

Ohio U. Restricts File Sharing

Ohio joins just a handful of institutions to essentially ban all use of peer-to-peer technologies.


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