Intellectual property

Congress Ups Ante on File Sharing

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House members -- including leaders of education panel -- direct 19 colleges to report on their practices on illegal downloading.

Sharing Ideas About Sharing Files

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As Congress mulls colleges' role in policing peer-to-peer networks, campus administrators explain how they combat illegal downloading.

Showdown Over File Sharing

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Senate majority leader's plan has colleges worried they will be forced to buy technology that won't work.

Price Check

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Textbook renegades trying to find ISBN numbers encounter resistance -- and attract the police -- in Harvard bookstore.

Update on FBI-College Relations

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Security Higher Education Advisory Board shines (a little) light on its efforts.

Live From Ohio: Rock Stars and the RIAA

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A representative of the recording industry, a professor, a songwriter and a founding member of Jefferson Airplane discuss the future of file sharing.

When It's OK to Copy

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There are few circumstances in which it's legal to copy a DVD and screen it in its entirety to an audience without paying royalties. One of them is in the classroom.

We'd Prefer to Speak for Ourselves, Thanks

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The memorandum that circulated on Capitol Hill last week sought to reassure U.S. senators that higher education leaders, who have opposed certain aspects of a patent reform bill approved last fall by the Senate Judiciary Committee, had been dealt with satisfactorily. “University Concerns With S. 1145 Addressed by Bill as Reported by Committee,” read the headline on the document, which went on to list the ways in which the academy’s major objections “have been appropriately addressed by the bill as reported by the Judiciary Committee.”

Does Clinton Have Copyright Problem?

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University of Richmond holds the trademark on "Solutions for America," the name for many of her campaign events.

Jury Sides With Blackboard in Patent Case

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Desire2Learn ordered to pay $3.1 million to learning software giant in infringement lawsuit that is hugely unpopular with college technology officials.


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