Racial gap among senior administrators widens

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Recent increases in number of minority administrators don't keep up with demographic shifts, but new study finds broad pay equity.

National completion gap by race one-third larger than average gap at institutions

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Black students graduate, on average, at a rate 22 percentage points lower than white students. Closing that gap will require individual institutions to improve completion rates and highly selective colleges to enroll more black students, a new report says.

Gender pay gap persists for higher education administrators

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Despite higher education's progressive reputation, new research shows a stubborn pay gap between women and men who are administrators.

2017 In-and-Out List

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A look at what happened in 2016 and what's to come in 2017 with Inside Higher Ed's fifth annual in-and-out list.

Leaders in both parties want colleges to have more skin in the game for student outcomes

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As bipartisan consensus emerges in Congress that colleges should share the burden of students who can't repay loans or find jobs, higher ed leaders consider how such a plan would work and whether it would discourage them from educating the disadvantaged.

Apparent murder-suicide at UCLA reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared

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Apparent murder of a professor follows a day of terror on campus and reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared.

Should colleges shield freshmen from themselves by hiding first-term grades on their transcripts?

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Faculty members at various institutions debate the pros and cons of shielding freshmen from themselves (or least their performance) in the form of "covered" or "shadow" grades on transcripts.

Beyond North Carolina, colleges add gender-neutral bathrooms to support transgender students

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Colleges around the country are adding facilities and adopting policies designed to help transgender students.

University Title Generator website pokes fun at administrative bloat

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Website pokes fun at administrative bloat by generating endless job titles and inflated salaries.

Obama administration releases final rules on overtime pay, including some exemptions for higher ed

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Obama administration releases final rules to require new payments for many employees. Regulations make clear that higher ed employees considered teachers will continue to be exempt. Postdoc pay could be key issue going forward.


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