NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

States have decreased per-student funding for research universities by about 20 percent, NSF report finds, a rate that outpaces general higher education cuts.

A Rising Star Takes a Fall

Colorado's Elizabeth Hoffman resigns as president as athletics and other scandals mount.

A Step Toward Dismissal

The University of Colorado has started a review that could lead to the termination of Ward Churchill, a tenured professor whose comments on 9/11 have created a huge controversy.

Phil DiStefano, interim chancellor of the university's Boulder campus, announced the review at a special meeting of the University's Board of Regents called to discuss Churchill.

Churchill Survives -- For Now

The Colorado professor's controversial speech won't cost him his tenured job. Plagiarism allegations still might.

Churchill Wars Continue

As experts on academic freedom weigh in on the latest developments, controversial professor says he won't cooperate with new investigation.

Now He Can't Speak on His Own Campus

Ward Churchill never got to talk at Hamilton College. But the controversial ethnic studies professor was supposed to have a platform tonight at his home campus, the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Showdown in Colorado

As regents gather to discuss Ward Churchill, politicians rush to denounce him and faculty groups offer support.

Pitfall of Public-College Privatization

Drive for independence could hurt the creditworthiness of lower-tier state institutions, Standard & Poor's warns.

No Such Thing as a Free Year

State blocks Denver educators from using high school funds to pay for tuition at a community college.

Victory for Churchill or Reprieve?

Inquiry by faculty panel at Colorado apparently clears professor on two charges and asks for additional study of seven others.


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