NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

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States have decreased per-student funding for research universities by about 20 percent, NSF report finds, a rate that outpaces general higher education cuts.

A Rising Star Takes a Fall

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Colorado's Elizabeth Hoffman resigns as president as athletics and other scandals mount.

A Step Toward Dismissal

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The University of Colorado has started a review that could lead to the termination of Ward Churchill, a tenured professor whose comments on 9/11 have created a huge controversy.

Phil DiStefano, interim chancellor of the university's Boulder campus, announced the review at a special meeting of the University's Board of Regents called to discuss Churchill.

Churchill Survives -- For Now

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The Colorado professor's controversial speech won't cost him his tenured job. Plagiarism allegations still might.

Churchill Wars Continue

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As experts on academic freedom weigh in on the latest developments, controversial professor says he won't cooperate with new investigation.

Now He Can't Speak on His Own Campus

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Ward Churchill never got to talk at Hamilton College. But the controversial ethnic studies professor was supposed to have a platform tonight at his home campus, the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Showdown in Colorado

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As regents gather to discuss Ward Churchill, politicians rush to denounce him and faculty groups offer support.

Pitfall of Public-College Privatization

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Drive for independence could hurt the creditworthiness of lower-tier state institutions, Standard & Poor's warns.

No Such Thing as a Free Year

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State blocks Denver educators from using high school funds to pay for tuition at a community college.


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