Turning the Tables on Affirmative Action Foes

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Colorado group challenges Ward Connerly's latest referendum by trying to put its own anti-quota measure on the fall ballot -- in a way that would preserve current diversity programs.

Nebraska Bars Use of Race in Admissions

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Critics of affirmative action hoped for bans in five states this year, and end up with at least one. Colorado outcome unclear.

A Near Tie in Colorado

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After years in which critics of consideration of race in admissions win big with the voters, why didn't that happen this year in Colorado?

The Nuclear Option

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Facing a fiscal crisis and little prospect of tax-supported revenue in the near future, Colorado State hypothetically entertains privatization.

Huge Problem, Problematic 'Solution'

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There is no dispute about just how bad things are for public higher education in Colorado. The governance structure has been weakened, and, like that of many states, Colorado's budget is a big-time mess. So nobody questions that something needed to be done, and fast, to get the state and its colleges through the next two years.

Starting From Scratch

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Talk of ending journalism school at CU-Boulder is latest effort to transform such programs, suggesting the only way to build them anew is to tear them down.


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