Teaching for Free

U. of California at Davis asks faculty to forfeit stipends they get for leading freshman seminars, generating some givebacks and some resentment.

Well-Paid 'Assistants'

The days when the salaries of big-time football and men's basketball coaches would shock and surprise have probably long since passed for most observers. Several head football coaches blew past the $3 million mark years ago, and topped the $4 million a year barrier in 2007.

Strike Begins at Illinois

The Graduate Employees Organization walks out as contract negotiations hit a snag. Students say tuition waivers are threatened; administrators say they plan no changes.

Unity on 'Incentive Compensation'

WASHINGTON -- Education Department officials faced forceful pushback Thursday against their plan to eliminate regulatory clarifications to Congress’s 1992 ban on “incentive compensation” for admissions and financial aid officers -- and the opposition came from nonprofit and for-profit colleges alike.

Linking Debt and Income

Education Department proposes a rule to determine whether vocational programs prepare students for "gainful employment."

Close on Incentive Comp

Revision of Education Department rules on pay for recruiters inches ahead in negotiations.

'Grossing Up': Equity or Bias?

Syracuse University may be on the cutting edge of promoting equity for its gay and lesbian employees. Some of the university's straight employees, however, say Syracuse needs to focus its limited funds on benefits for everyone -- and recognize that it can't be held responsible for the inequity of marriage laws in the United States.

It's Up to the Department Now

WASHINGTON — Months of negotiations on the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed revisions to regulations intended to guard against abuses of the federal financial aid program ended Friday with no agreement on the most controversial issues under consideration.

Incentive Comp Still a Problem

Congress's investigative arm finds that violations of a legislative ban on paying college recruiters based on enrollment have not disappeared.

No Increases for Mid-Level Pay

Whether in academic affairs, student affairs, or the business side of the house, salaries were stagnant, survey finds.


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