Ask and You Might Receive

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Professor urges women in academe to stop “underselling themselves.”

Mea Culpa, Twice Over

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U. of California president acknowledges mistakes in handling compensation matters; regents cite need for more oversight.  

Recruit a Student, Help Your Paycheck

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Daytona Beach Community College is tying faculty and staff salaries to enrollment.

Suicide of a Chancellor

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Denice Denton -- a leader among women in science, under fire as head of Santa Cruz -- killed after jump from high-rise building.

A Whistle Blower's Ouster

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Philip Pergola arrived on the Massasoit Community College campus as a bright-eyed 22-year-old, eager to teach business and constitutional law. July 1 would have marked the tenured professor’s 39th year at the college.

To date, hundreds of students have taken his courses and many faculty members have formed strong relationships with the likable professor. In August 2002, Charles Wall, president of the college, asked him to become the chief financial officer of the institution, to help untangle a few financial messes. He gladly accepted, hoping to strengthen the college he loves. 

Financial Woes for Benedict College

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Paychecks could be delayed as a result of massive debt.

The 5-Year (or Under) Plan

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U. of Missouri executive order all but places a time limit on coaching contracts and takes aim at costly buyout clauses.

The 'Family Friendly' Bonus

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As more colleges have adopted "family friendly" policies for professors, many experts have noted that relatively small shares of those eligible for the flexible arrangements use them. Much has been written about why this is the case, with many observers guessing that young parents, especially women, fear that asking for flexible arrangements may hurt them in the tenure process.

Insourcing at Brandeis

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After intense lobbying from students, university raises custodial pay and hires workers who had been employed by contractors. 

Paying More for Benefits

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Colleges and their employees both paid more for health insurance in the last year.


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