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Stewart essay on fixing or responding to bloopers


What should you do when you feel like bursting the cartoon bubble over your colleague’s head? Or your own? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Maria Shine Stewart prescribes.

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Lawsuit over therapy dog raises questions about university housing

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Colleges might have to be more careful in answering that question from now on, thanks to federal suit against university that denied student's request for a dog in her apartment.

University Accused of Housing Bias

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Nebraska-Kearney faces federal discrimination charges -- which it disputes -- after barring student from bringing therapy dog with her to live in university-owned apartment.

Reforming the Carnivores

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A growing number of students are taking on the food system's biggest generator of greenhouse gases: meat production.

Surging Energy Costs

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Spike in gas and oil prices force colleges to spend millions more and try to change campus behavior.

Banning Trans Fats

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Citing health concerns, college food services are making new rules about ingredients.

Stanford ... Without Tests and Tuition

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University investigates two cases in which people claimed to be part of the institution but were not.

Energy in the Dorms

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Students are behind many large-scale environmental efforts on their campuses, but are they willing to make small sacrifices in their everyday lives?


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