Stimulus Spurs Campus Building

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Public and private colleges begin to benefit from recovery law, securing capital funds more easily or cheaply.

Climate Report

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About three-fourths of colleges are meeting their reporting deadlines under a national pledge to reduce carbon emissions.

'Cash-Poor, Bond-Rich'

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Photo: Courtesy of FTR International Inc. -- Photo by Greg Epstein

LA Valley College's Allied Health and Sciences Center.

Recession? Valet Parking Arrives

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However improbable the timing, a service many would call a luxury is starting to appear on campuses.

LEEDing the Pack

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While Duke showcased its new platinum-rated residence hall at an annual meeting of college housing officers, other campus reps talked getting certified on a budget.

'All the Bells and Whistles'

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As community colleges enroll more full-time and traditional-age students, many are building stand-alone student centers in the mold of those found on the campuses of four-year colleges and universities. Given that some two-year institutions have begun building dormitories, some see the promulgation of these multi-use facilities as yet another step in the ongoing transformation of the community college.

Campus Security, Examined

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Comprehensive survey of colleges' preparedness suggests increasing attention to safety concerns -- but gaps in campus communication and collaboration with local authorities.

Climate Action for Some

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88 colleges and universities submit plans to reduce carbon footprints -- but more than 300 miss the deadline they pledged to meet.

Crowding Out For-Profit Colleges

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Study finds taxpayer-supported bond initiatives shift students from area proprietary institutions to community colleges, boosting enrollment at these already crowded public institutions.

In the Midnight Hour

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Community colleges that started offering sections in the middle of the night are finding the strategy worked, and such scheduling is spreading to other institutions.


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