Jeffersonian Tradition or Shoddy Imitation?

Architecture professors at U. of Virginia charge that new campus buildings are boring, inefficient and insensitive.

Recovery From Disaster

Colleges do rebound from calamities of nature -- and those that have done so offer lessons and hope for those in New Orleans.

Rita Disrupts, but Doesn't Devastate

Hurricane Rita forced colleges in Texas and Louisiana to prepare for the worst, but officials at many institutions were feeling relieved by late Saturday and spent much of the weekend preparing to re-open soon. While damage reports were not in, a few institutions did experience significant damage. In Texas, they include Lamar University, Lamar State College at Port Arthur, and the Lamar Institute of Technology. In Louisiana, Sowela Technical Community College, in Lake Charles, suffered extensive damage and the same may be true for McNeese State University.

Promoting Green Campuses

Student activists and administrators announce plans to promote environmentalism.

In Memoriam to a Memorial

Does a monument to the civil rights struggle at Ole Miss need to be "positive"?

Big Wins for Community Colleges

Voters approve over $1 billion in bonds for facilities and improvements; California rejects new spending limits.

Surging Energy Costs

Spike in gas and oil prices force colleges to spend millions more and try to change campus behavior.

Dirty Business?

Students and professors say U. of Miami should come clean about poverty issues facing janitorial employees.

Equal and Unequal

Louisiana and Mississippi may each get $95 million for hurricane-battered colleges -- despite vastly greater damage in Louisiana.

At More Campuses, Coke Isn't It

Boycott movements on college campuses tend to take hold (or fade away) based on whether a critical mass of well known institutions participate. So critics of Coca-Cola have much to celebrate as 2006 begins. They say that 23 colleges worldwide have now banned Coke products from their campuses. And they have now hit a total of 10 in the United States, including bans approved in December by two large institutions -- New York University and the University of Michigan.


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