A Boon(e) for Oklahoma State

Texas oilman donates $165 million for athletics facilities -- the biggest gift in college sports history.

Comeback for Coke?

U. of Michigan abandons boycott. Its officials says the company agreed to real changes, but activists say the shift is a sham.

Setting the Rules on Free Expression

Federal appeals court ruling on U. of Arkansas helps clarify what public colleges can and can't do in regulating use of their campuses.

Miami's Union Breakthrough

On Monday, after weeks of hunger striking and several trips to the hospital, janitors at the University of Miami saw their employer, UNICCO Service Company, and the union that wants to represent them, the Service Employees International Union, reach an agreement that could have them unionizing before fall semester.

Mixed Results for California Bonds

Voters approve hundreds of millions of dollars in projects at community colleges -- and reject measures in several districts.

Rooms to Rent (Tax Free)

IRS ruling suggests broader ability of colleges to lease dorm rooms to visitors without paying taxes on the revenue.

Enforcing the Disabilities Law

Justice Dept. settlement with U. of Chicago may be first of series of accords on college facilities -- 10 other institutions face review.

Trading in the Car

More colleges provide alternative transportation options -- and ask students to leave the wheels at home.


A University of Tennessee social club for employees and alumni will close after another money-losing year.

Building Up College Towns

Universities with varying budgets look to mixed-use developments off campus to attract students and professors. 


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