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A University of Tennessee social club for employees and alumni will close after another money-losing year.

Building Up College Towns

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Universities with varying budgets look to mixed-use developments off campus to attract students and professors. 

$400,000 Tab for Environmental Violations

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Justice Department and U. of Miami near settlement of charges that researchers released hazardous substances -- 50 years ago.

A Pledge to Tackle Global Warming

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Tiny College of the Atlantic has resolved that none of its activities will add to world’s greenhouse gas problem.

At Colleges, the Environment is Hot

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It's been a big year for green roofs and renewable energy initiatives at institutions across the country.

Will Growth End Santa Cruz's Uniqueness?

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The University of California's Santa Cruz campus has long had a reputation as a counterculture institution that prides itself on being different from the system's other campuses.  But when the campus unveiled the final draft of its plan on Wednesday that projected increasing student enrollment from 14,000 to more than 20,000 and adding 3.2 million gross feet of building space by 2020, students protested over that and a wide range of other issues at a Board of Regents meeting,

Tragedy in an Elevator

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Student's death at Ohio State points to potential problem faced by many colleges with high-rise dormitories.

If They Build It ...

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Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.

Spending Limits Rejected

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States turn away from caps that have led to appropriations cuts for colleges; many bond plans win approval, with huge California measure ahead.

A Sustainability Report Card

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Group gives high grades to colleges' environmental efforts, lower marks for their endowment practices and transparency.


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