Going Residential

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As traditional-age students increasingly flock to community colleges, more institutions are adding or expanding on-campus housing.

More Than Coffee and Wireless

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College planners discuss ways to bring other academic offices into library buildings.

Building on a Budget

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In search of funds, colleges promote their projects as being part of larger mission or vision.

Off the Quad

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Seeking more room for research and teaching, universities move some non-academic staff away from campus.

Selling Students on Sustainable Living

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Six new dormitories at California U. of Pennsylvania pay an unusual amount of attention to energy conservation.

Contested Campus in Chinatown

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City College of San Francisco's proposal to build a 244-foot-tall building engages immigrant community while enraging those who say it will loom over historic districts.

'Haunted Halls'

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With Halloween here, there could be no more fitting time for the University Press of Mississippi to release Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses. In the book, Elizabeth Tucker explores the history and meaning of campus ghost legends.

When Big Bucks Come for Sports

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Use of major athletics donation to U. of Oregon from the co-founder of Nike has some questioning the university's priorities.

Making Room at the 'Big House' and Beyond

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The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is being forced to play defense after the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights informed campus officials late last month that its football stadium lacks adequate access for people with disabilities.

In the wake of that finding, some are wondering what it means for college facilities across the country that have undergone recent renovations.

All the Grass Is Brown (and the Skies Aren't Gray)

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If you're looking for signs of an impending drought, check out a college bathroom. There you might find low-flow shower heads and faucets installed to reduce water usage. There, too, are actual signs that inform students "If it's yellow, let it mellow..." (you know the rest).

Colleges throughout the Southeast are plastering such fliers on dorm bathrooms and classroom buildings in the wake of one of the most serious droughts in recent history. Much of the region has seen a marked decline in normal rainfall, leading to the most severe classification of water shortage.


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