Tragedy in an Elevator

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Student's death at Ohio State points to potential problem faced by many colleges with high-rise dormitories.

If They Build It ...

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Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.

Spending Limits Rejected

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States turn away from caps that have led to appropriations cuts for colleges; many bond plans win approval, with huge California measure ahead.

A Sustainability Report Card

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Group gives high grades to colleges' environmental efforts, lower marks for their endowment practices and transparency.

The Gold Standard of Green Standards

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As environmental push grows, more colleges are adopting specific, ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Another Campus Danger

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While gun violence is the safety issue of the day, off-campus fires afflict many more campuses. 

Privacy vs. Security

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Senate committee considers whether colleges need liability protection when dealing with some students' records.

Going Residential

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As traditional-age students increasingly flock to community colleges, more institutions are adding or expanding on-campus housing.

More Than Coffee and Wireless

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College planners discuss ways to bring other academic offices into library buildings.

Building on a Budget

Smart Title: 
In search of funds, colleges promote their projects as being part of larger mission or vision.


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