Green Initiative Finds a High-Profile Friend

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Bill Clinton's foundation teams up with American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment to help reduce energy consumption in campus buildings.

University Training in the Skilled Trades

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With a wave of retirements expected, institutions find that they must provide a new kind of education to keep up with their own demand for electricians and HVAC mechanics.

Reconsidering Retiree Health Benefits

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Dartmouth plan that would scale back coverage troubles some faculty who say the college is providing a disincentive to retire.

Creating a Ruckus at Rutgers (Again)

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Reconstituted group of students, faculty and alumni says it has familiar targets and goals: Stopping university administrators from emphasizing football over academics.

A Plan to Improve Campus Mobility

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U. of Washington plans to roll out a fleet of electric bikes for students, faculty and staff.

A New Campus, According to Ancient Principles

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Maharishi U. is reconstructing its entire physical plant in line with the "nourishing" principles of Vedic architecture.

Standoff Near the Border

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Texas-Brownsville refuses to let federal government prepare to build a fence that would separate parts of its campus.

Green Planning on a Grand Scale

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Los Angeles Community College District, in the midst of a construction boom, makes a push for renewable energy.

Science Facilities Reconsidered

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Unusual meeting of architects, campus administrators, faculty members and learning experts focuses on ensuring that colleges ask different set of questions when replacing their classrooms from the ‘60s.

New Campus, in New Cairo

Smart Title: 
A university prepares to leave its historic home and move to an entirely new, $400 million campus.


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