New Campus, in New Cairo

A university prepares to leave its historic home and move to an entirely new, $400 million campus.

Comparing Environmental Data

At a gathering of college sustainability leaders, sessions focus on what to do with growing amount of information on greening efforts.

Look Who's Living on Campus

College administrators and housing directors regularly tout the benefits of on-campus living, in an effort to lure more students away from privately owned houses and apartment buildings. Many officials believe housing students on campus improves student life, and they are quick to cite studies that find these students are more likely to succeed academically. Despite these arguments, it used to be a struggle for some institutions to interest students in on-campus housing.

Space Constraints

In a discussion of growing enrollments within existing facilities, experts focus on identifying and alleviating bottlenecks.

'Sustainability Failures'

Mark J. O’Gorman’s presentation stuck out amid the normal conference fare. He wasn't in town to discuss "successes" or "best practices." His talk had the word “failure” in the title.

“Whatever scorecard you’re using to talk about sustainability…it’s not good enough,” O’Gorman said Tuesday at the Society for College and University Planning Annual Conference, meeting this week in Montreal. The full title of his session was "Reconciling a Sustainability Failure: Green Planning But No Green Building."

Spatial Change

To facilitate more interactive teaching, one college considers a different type of classroom. The barriers to building it are instructive of sometimes conflicting trends in college planning.

Voter, Can You Spare a Dime?

Many community colleges attempt to build support for bond referendums during tough economic times, attempting to fund building expansions for growing enrollments.

In Quest for Carbon Neutrality, Late out of the Gate

In first major benchmark of Presidents Climate Commitment, charter signatories report on their current greenhouse gas emissions. Many miss the deadline.

Grading Colleges on Their Sustainable Choices

New report card finds growth of green practices at colleges, but more so when it comes to their campuses -- building green and buying local foods -- than their endowments.

Want a Good Parking Spot? Read On

Colleges reserve spaces for hybrids or car-poolers to encourage environmentally friendlier commuting.


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