Encouraging Interdisciplinarity

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Consortium of research universities considers steps to support cross-departmental research by making changes at faculty and administrative levels.

Sustainable Designs

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Pratt Institute pursues a two-pronged approach to greening its campus and curriculum, hoping to produce graduates who design with the environment in mind.

When Are Cancer Cases More Than Coincidence?

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Eight women who work in literature building at UC San Diego have had breast cancer since 2000. Two died. Walkout planned to demand action against "cluster" in facility university insists is safe.

Stimulus Spurs Campus Building

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Public and private colleges begin to benefit from recovery law, securing capital funds more easily or cheaply.

Climate Report

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About three-fourths of colleges are meeting their reporting deadlines under a national pledge to reduce carbon emissions.

'Cash-Poor, Bond-Rich'

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Photo: Courtesy of FTR International Inc. -- Photo by Greg Epstein

LA Valley College's Allied Health and Sciences Center.

Recession? Valet Parking Arrives

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However improbable the timing, a service many would call a luxury is starting to appear on campuses.

LEEDing the Pack

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While Duke showcased its new platinum-rated residence hall at an annual meeting of college housing officers, other campus reps talked getting certified on a budget.

'All the Bells and Whistles'

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As community colleges enroll more full-time and traditional-age students, many are building stand-alone student centers in the mold of those found on the campuses of four-year colleges and universities. Given that some two-year institutions have begun building dormitories, some see the promulgation of these multi-use facilities as yet another step in the ongoing transformation of the community college.

Campus Security, Examined

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Comprehensive survey of colleges' preparedness suggests increasing attention to safety concerns -- but gaps in campus communication and collaboration with local authorities.


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