Supreme Court upholds right of state voters to bar consideration of race in admissions

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Supreme Court finds that Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges from considering the use of race in admissions.

Student success centers are poised to spread

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New student success centers take the completion agenda to the states, with a faculty-driven feel. More could be on the way. 

Michigan lets community colleges issue four-year degrees, amid controversy

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Michigan is the latest state to allow community colleges to issue bachelor's degrees. But despite controversy and turf wars, actual practice remains limited, for now.

Michigan grad students object to details of new housing unit

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Graduate students at the University of Michigan object to details -- including the rent -- of a new residence hall funded by billionaire alum.

Between paychecks, Kalamazoo community college part-timers' union starts food drive

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Part-time faculty at a Michigan community college bridge the longer-than-usual gap between paychecks with a food drive supported by other campus faculty.

Midwestern liberal arts colleges use lacrosse to recapture suburban students

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Division III lacrosse has become a tool for Midwestern liberal arts colleges to recapture suburban students, a group central to their business strategy.

Stem cell research, expanded under Obama, moves to the state sphere

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Perhaps signaling that the debate over human embryonic stem cell research has shifted from the federal level to states, the science is again making headlines in Michigan and Nebraska.

Michigan hopes to set national standards for new teachers

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University of Michigan program aims to set national standards for rookie educators.

Community college in Michigan ramps up tenure-track faculty

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A community college in Michigan will grant tenure or tenure-track status to all full-time faculty, bucking the adjunctification trend in higher ed.

Tea Party groups expect influence in elections for Michigan's public university governing boards

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Tea Party groups expect to influence statewide elections to pick new members of Michigan's higher education governing boards.


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