Tea Party groups expect influence in elections for Michigan's public university governing boards

Tea Party groups expect to influence statewide elections to pick new members of Michigan's higher education governing boards.

Throwing Out a State Vote

Federal appeals court says Michigan's electorate doesn't have right to ban public universities from considering race in admissions.

A Strike in Ann Arbor

Graduate instructors at Michigan take a day off to force concessions at the bargaining table. University officials are unfazed.

Deal for Michigan and Its Grad Students

With strike looming, university and teaching assistants compromise on pay, benefits and other issues.

Governing Board 'Gag Order'

For the last three years, Thomas A. Hamilton has increasingly become a minority of one on the seven-member Board of Trustees of  St. Clair County Community College, regularly challenging policies adopted by the two-year institution's president and questioning whether the board is fulfilling its obligations to oversee and assess her performance.

Urban Removal

Wayne State professors attack plan to break up college focused on disadvantaged and minority students.

Upturn for Minority Students at Michigan

Preliminary admissions data suggest climbing black and Hispanic enrollments after changes wrought by Supreme Court ruling.

Judge Backs Universities on Same-Sex Benefits

Michigan ruling says state ban on gay marriage doesn't restrict health insurance.

Michiganders Will Vote on Affirmative Action

U.S. Supreme Court upheld it in 2003, but state appeals court approves initiative for next year's ballots.

Chilly Climate at Lake State

Many at Michigan's smallest public university see recent tenure denials -- over departmental objections -- as sign of disrespect for liberal arts. 


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