The Race to Frame

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Will Michigan become the next state to ban affirmative action at public universities?

New Salvos on Affirmative Action

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With referendum approaching, critics release admissions data showing gaps by race at U. of Michigan, which says numbers are distorted.

Michigan Votes Down Affirmative Action

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Three years after Supreme Court upheld consideration of race by flagship university, voters decide otherwise.

The View From Ground Zero

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A day after state voters endorsed a ban on affirmative action, students and others at Michigan consider impact on the campus.

Still Fighting for Affirmative Action

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U. of Michigan considers legal challenge to referendum -- while others focus on stopping states from adopting similar ballot measures.

Retreat on Affirmative Action?

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After referendum voted down use of race, U. of Michigan talked about suing. Weeks later, it's talking about carrying out the measure.

Proxies for Race

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Wayne State law professors will vote on new admissions approach after Michigan nixed affirmative action. Are they being creative or evasive?

Short-Term Reprieve for Affirmative Action

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Court allows Michigan universities to finish their admissions cycles with current policies, but questions remain about future legal action.

Delay of Affirmative Action Ban Rejected

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Federal appeals panel finds no reason to delay Michigan measure or let universities finish year with old policies.

Defeat for Same-Sex Benefits

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Michigan appeals court says state ban on gay marriage also limits benefits public colleges can offer gay employees.


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