No License for You

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Michigan tried to fight illegal immigration by making it harder to drive -- and ended up creating problems for foreign students who have visas.

Loss for Immigrant Students; Win for Foreign Students

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At Arizona State, a scholarship to deal with impact of a referendum disappears; in Michigan, right to get licenses is restored.

Michigan Ruling Bars Domestic Partner Benefits

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Impact of decision by state's highest court is unclear on latest approach by universities to providing health insurance to gay couples and others.

Fallout From Auto Industry Collapse

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Some community colleges in Michigan see losses in contracts, programs and students -- at time state budget has little to offer.

Twin Ambition

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Identical twin brothers, both community college presidents, concurrently prepare for their next career moves.

Skills Training à la Carte

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Highly customizable work force education at Michigan community college allows employers and students to select individual competencies they want mastered, worth fractions of a credit hour and costing a few dollars. Is choose-your-own instruction the future?

Water, Water Everywhere

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And many a drop to drink. A community college in Michigan builds a program around freshwater studies.

The Bank of Academic Credit

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Midwest group begins work on a "credential repository" for students to figure out how to translate their classes and work experience into degrees.

The New Sustainability U.

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Grand Valley State, in Michigan, is betting its interdisciplinary and hands-on method of teaching sustainability will set it apart from the crowd.

Men of Merit

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Michigan's Jackson Community College thinks its black male students may be their own best motivators.


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