Senior Administrative Salaries Up 4%

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Raises at public institutions slightly outpace those at privates, with largest gains at doctoral state universities.

Mid-Level Administrators' Salaries Up 3.9%

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The median salary for mid-level administrators increased 3.9 percent in 2007-8, according to a report released today by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

The increase is up from last year's 3.8 percent gain, and a 3.3 percent hike the year before that.

Why a President Turns Down a Bonus

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Decision by leader at Louisville raises question of whether such moves are meaningful gestures or just symbolism.

Salaries Up 4% for Senior Administrators

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For many job titles, raises were greater at private than at public institutions, but data was collected before economic crisis hit in full force.

Mid-Level Administrator Pay Up 3.5%

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Private college officials fare better than those at publics; doctoral university staff see smaller raises than those in others sectors.

Aggressive Tack on Incentive Comp

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In first proposals on new rules on aid programs, Education Department suggests ending "safe harbors" on bonus pay for student recruiters.

Unity on 'Incentive Compensation'

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WASHINGTON -- Education Department officials faced forceful pushback Thursday against their plan to eliminate regulatory clarifications to Congress’s 1992 ban on “incentive compensation” for admissions and financial aid officers -- and the opposition came from nonprofit and for-profit colleges alike.

Paying Community College CEOs

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New survey shows salary and benefits of presidents at two-year institutions lag those of their counterparts at four-year institutions.

Flat Salaries for Senior Officials

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Median increase for top higher ed administrators in 2009-10 is 0%.

No Increases for Mid-Level Pay

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Whether in academic affairs, student affairs, or the business side of the house, salaries were stagnant, survey finds.


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