Mid-Level Administrator Pay Up 3.5%

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Private college officials fare better than those at publics; doctoral university staff see smaller raises than those in others sectors.

Aggressive Tack on Incentive Comp

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In first proposals on new rules on aid programs, Education Department suggests ending "safe harbors" on bonus pay for student recruiters.

Unity on 'Incentive Compensation'

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WASHINGTON -- Education Department officials faced forceful pushback Thursday against their plan to eliminate regulatory clarifications to Congress’s 1992 ban on “incentive compensation” for admissions and financial aid officers -- and the opposition came from nonprofit and for-profit colleges alike.

Paying Community College CEOs

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New survey shows salary and benefits of presidents at two-year institutions lag those of their counterparts at four-year institutions.

Flat Salaries for Senior Officials

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Median increase for top higher ed administrators in 2009-10 is 0%.

No Increases for Mid-Level Pay

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Whether in academic affairs, student affairs, or the business side of the house, salaries were stagnant, survey finds.

Some Presidents Got Raises

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During the last year, many college presidents -- frequently as a prelude to employee salary freezes (or cuts) -- announced that they were freezing or cutting their own salaries. While such announcements became common, it turns out that a notable minority of private college presidents did receive raises, some of them healthy ones for a year of little inflation.

Retaining the Best Talent

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HR leaders in academe consider how to keep their best employees -- faculty and administrators alike -- in era of tight budgets.

Senior Administrators' Pay Up 1.4%

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The median base salary increase for senior administrators in 2010 was 1.4 percent, up from no increase at all in 2009, according to data released today by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

The Distance Administrator

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U. of Kentucky will allow director of CASTLE to run the educational technology outreach center from his own castle -- 700 miles away.


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