Pay for Performance

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Study commissioned by British government suggests that top university administrators have 10 percent of their salaries "at risk" -- depending on how well they do their jobs.

Small Salary Gains for Mid-Level Administrators

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At private colleges and universities, median gain is 2%. At publics, the median gain is no gain.

Politics and the Law Dean

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As search for a dean for Case Western Reserve's law school finally nears an end, a website opposing a conservative candidate has generated controversy.

Fundamental Disagreements

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Several years after a faculty exodus from Louisiana College, a professor's ouster leads to a lawsuit and more debate about dissent.

New Scrutiny on Expense Accounts

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Community colleges tell their presidents to raise more private money, but not everyone is comfortable with the wining and dining.

'Never a Good Time'

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There’s probably not a very good time to announce that a college president is going to be making $100,000 more than the year before. The California State University System probably picked one of the worst.

Taking Raises, and Taking Heat

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After several college presidents declined bonuses in light of the economic downturn, criticism has begun to mount against those who kept the money.


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