Teaching assistants

NYU Severs Ties to TA Union

The only private university to have collective bargaining for graduate students announces a "final" decision to end the practice.

On Strike

In showdown over TA unions at private universities, NYU grad students walk off the job.

Digging In

NYU students and professors prepare for a strike that could last a long time.

Day 10 on the Picket Line

Neither NYU graduate students nor administrators show signs of budging in battle over a TA union.

Hitting Them in the Pocket

NYU sets date to cut stipends going to striking teaching assistants.

NYU Undergrads Join Strike -- for a Day

Students ditch classes to support their teaching assistants on the picket line.

Conflicting Claims on NYU Strike

In showdown on TA rights, university says most grad students are on the job; union says its members are holding out.

Strike Two

Some NYU graduate students return to the picket lines for a second semester -- but others return to teaching.

No More Pay Days

Stipends are gone for some striking NYU graduate assistants.

A Strike Falters

UAW and grad student leaders vow to press on, but NYU isn't wavering, many TA's are back at work and undergraduate support has lessened.


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