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Social Sciences and Human Decency

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NEW ORLEANS -- A researcher doing fieldwork in the southwestern U.S. happened upon something close to the anthropological Holy Grail: a small group of Native Americans who had never been exhaustively studied.

Anthropology Without Doctorates

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Study of master's degree in the discipline finds that many who never earn Ph.D. find professional fulfillment.

Scholars and Scandal

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When allegations of research misconduct -- both true and “truthy” -- can spread more quickly than ever, should academe respond slowly and deliberately?

The 'Inside Job' Effect

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Many American economists have been stung by their failure to anticipate the financial meltdown of 2008, dogged by persistent suggestions of conflicts of interest -- that they were working for financial industries that they said were healthier than turned out to be true. In a notable break from the past, the pre-eminent professional society for the discipline is moving ahead with plans to examine ethical practices in the field.

Examining the AAU Gatekeepers

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In wake of Nebraska's ouster and Syracuse's decision to leave research university group, some institutions look over their shoulders, and other experts question membership criteria.


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